The Lovers

The Lovers

Upright Meaning

The Lovers remind you to connect to all aspects of yourself. Being with all of the pleasant and unpleasant parts of yourself reminds you that you are whole. Shel Silverstein’s A Missing Piece tells us that we do not need anyone to complete us. A triangle seeks a circle with a piece cut out to fill that hole so it can roll. It finds one, but the triangle grows and no longer fits. The triangle finds a full circle and wants to roll with it. The triangle then flops itself over until it becomes more round and can roll. The missing piece changes into a round piece and can roll with another round piece. The Lovers is a reminder that by trusting in your own effort and abilities, you complete yourself, then can roll; and maybe, if you want, you can find someone to roll with.


Reversed Meaning

When reversed, The Lovers asks you if you are looking outside of yourself for completion. What would it feel like to be whole, just as you are? Take time to sit with all aspects of yourself, even the ones you may not be as fond of. Make space for them all to be welcome, and you can see how complete you really are.

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