Our Story

We created this tarot deck in hopes of helping people connect with their bodies. Each card was carefully crafted with imagery and meaning designed to help you find inspiration and comfort on your own journey. We hope it can be a tool for those seeking a new way to be with their bodies. We hope our deck can guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and help you reconnect with yourself in a profound and powerful way.

About Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a yoga therapist, body worker, astrologer and tarot reader. All of her work is centered on people connecting to themselves, just as they are. As someone in eating disorder recovery, Sarah Jane has worked very hard to connect with and trust her body. She has learned to find joy, peace and curiosity once she stopped trying to control her body. She lives and loves in Nashville, TN.

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About Sara

Sara is a designer and artist living in Louisville, Kentucky. When she's not drawing or traveling, she’s running her design business, Good + Ready Design Co., where she works with purposeful entrepreneurs to create meaningful brand identities. Her goal in all her work is to help people find the most beautiful and truest expression of themselves and the work they do in the world.

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