Body Metta: A Meditation To Help You Heal Your Body Image

Body Metta: A Meditation To Help You Heal Your Body Image

     Many years ago, when I was first learning to meditate, I was sitting in a room by myself and I realized that I was holding my stomach in. For those that grew up learning to “suck it in” (to constantly pull in your abdomen), you may know that feeling. The constant effort to make my body smaller. I thought it was both funny and sad that I was sitting in a room with my eyes closed still putting effort into taking up less space.

    At the time, I was learning Metta, or Loving Kindness meditation. It is a Buddhist prat ice that helps people build their compassion for all beings. There are five beneficiaries, or types of people one focuses on. A person that is easy to love, a neutral person, a difficult person, yourself, then all beings everywhere, without exception. During the practice, one spends time with each beneficiary in their mind wishing them love, peace and ease. 

   When I was sitting in this room, trying to wish myself peace and ease, I couldn’t get past my physical body. I then decided to do a practice with the same format, but just towards my body. I started with a body part I found useful- I then said, “thank you, I love you”, even though it didn’t feel true at the time. Then I thought of a neutral body part. I also sent appreciation and love to that body part. Then I noticed a part of my body that has caused me both physical and emotional pain. to this body part, I said, “thank you, I love you, I am sorry.” This was very healing. This practice, called Body Metta, has been an intregal part of my body acceptance work.

As part of the Be With Your Body practice, I suggest folks incorporate meditation, especially Body Metta, as part of their body acceptance journey. You can now access this mediation for free in our online store. I hope this practice helps you find peace with your body, just as you are.

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