The Empress

The Empress

Upright Meaning

The Empress is here to remind you of the creation, sensuality, expression, and joy of your body. You are in tune with your values, relationships, and what you hope to create. Wear clothes that feel good; connect with people who bring you joy; eat, laugh, dance, and celebrate your body. They are incredible.


Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Empress may mean that you are having difficulty accessing the creative and sensual nature of your body. You may feel uninspired, disconnected, or a sense of  lack. This is an opportunity to find curiosity about your body. Sometimes you need to remove the stories, opinions, or judgment on your body to connect to them. Objectively feel your skin and touch the texture of your clothes. Notice the temperature of your body. Smell the smells around you. Taste something pleasant. By cultivating curiosity, you can start to awaken the sensual nature of your body.

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