The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Upright Meaning

The High Priestess reminds you that you have deep inner wisdom, awaiting stillness to float to the surface. What deep inner knowing arises that you know to be Truth? There is vast wisdom in this card, and so much unknown. How can you hold space for not knowing? 

Relating to your body image work, she can tell us that your body is inherently valuable because of and in spite of yourself. She is here to remind you that you are both your body, and you are so much more than them.


Reversed Meaning

When reversed, The High Priestess shows us there may be a deep inner Truth you may not want to see. Sit gently with that feeling and information. Allow it to float to the surface and hold it gently in your hands. Take care and find support in what to do next with this information. You may feel frustrated with what is not known, or you may have trouble at this time trusting your intuition. How can you get your thoughts out of the way of your knowledge?

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